Industriestraße 11-13
D-52224 Stolberg

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From Düsseldorf:
  • At the airport Düsseldorf, follow the sign „alle Richtungen“ and then „44 – 57 Krefeld - 57 Neuss“
  • Use this highway 44 to the autobahnkreuz (intersection) “MEERBUSCH” and here direction “57 Köln – 57 Neuss”
  • Stay on this highway 57 until the exit “Neuss-West – Heinsberg – Aachen – 46”
  • Here you enter autobahn 46 and please stay on it until intersection Aachen.

From Köln-Bonn (Cologne)
  • At the airport Köln-Bonn take direction “Aachen “ signpost “A4”
  • Follow autobahn signs A4- - Aachen until you reach the intersection “Aachen”

  • At autobahn cross Aachen follow direction “Lüttich-Liege (B)” and take the exit “Aachen-Brand”
  • At the exit Aachen-Brandat the traffic light take a right turn direction “Stolberg”
  • Stay on this road until sign-post to “Stolberg” (7th traffic light) turn left on this big crossing
  • Stay on this road (direction Stolberg) for abaout 5 km straight on until you reach a T-crossing. Here you see at the left a factory “Dalli” and at the right a factory “Prym”
  • At this T-crossing take a right turn direction “Mausbach/Vicht/Gewerbegebiet Mausbach”
  • Stay on this road until you pass a bridge (overpass) at your right you see the “Linde” tower
  • Take the next road left ( a small road without sign-post) about 200 meter behind the bridge
  • This road passes a little forest and leads you directly to the little village “Stolberg-Mausbach”
  • In Mausbach, pleas take the third road to the right “Industriestrasse”, it leads you into an industrial area
  • Here you find our company after about 200 meters on the left.

We wish you a good trip.