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Jouhsen-bündgens Maschinenbau GmbH was founded in 1982 by Hubert Jouhsen. Today the company is managed by him together with Dr. Bert Bosserhoff. The Company employs 32 people, and has offices in locations throughout the world. Our mission is to achieve the highest levels of quality, reliability, flexibility, and fairness in all of our trades. These values are held to the highest of standards within Jouhsen-bündgens Maschinenbau GmbH. Our dynamic management team, combined with our highly trained craftsmen work together for our customers utilizing the highest level of technical know-how and expertise. This system of close teamwork provides our customers with unparalleled support; and the knowledge that your manufacturing needs are met at the highest and most efficient level. Our team is a part of your team.
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Herr Jouhsen (right side) &
Dr. Bosserhoff